The experts have been emphasizing the effects and the miraculous health benefits of pomegranate as a strong antioxidant repeatedly.  We know that pomegranate boosts the immune system, is effective in curing high blood pressure, diabetes and heart problems, stops diarrhea and increases the number of healthy bacteria in the intestines.

Besides vitamins C, K, B and minerals potassium, phosphorus and manganese, the organic compounds punicalagin and punicic acid are the nutrients that give pomegranate its valuable and miraculous composition.

Punicalagin is one of the most effective antioxidants known and is present only in the inner peel and the membrane of the pomegranate. These parts of the fruit are usually discarded and not eaten. But we keep a portion of the peel and the membrane and add it to Punica during production so that the natural antioxidants are preserved and can be tasted by consumers. The punicalagin, on the other hand, naturally keeps our extract fresh and protects us from toxins.

Punicic acid is known as the oil that burns fat and is present only in the seeds of the fruit. Some scientific research shows that punicic oil can prevent obesity. It is a known fact that punicic acid also lowers the level of triglycerides in blood. Due to all its benefits, we can never give up on our pomegranate seeds during the production of Punica.

These are the reasons why you can taste all the segments of the pomegranate from its membrane to arils in our extract.

Although you can have fresh pomegranates only in the autumn when it’s in season, you can enjoy Punica, with all the healthy characteristics of a fresh pomegranate, whenever you wish.