Our pomegranate garden stretches over 60 decards (approx. 15 acres) of Harran Plain on the fertile Mesopotamian soil and contains four thousand carefully nurtured trees. Every autumn, these pomegranate trees, that we grow according to good agriculture practices, present us with their delicious fruit.

The natural blend of Hejaz, Devedişi, Katırbaşı types and the wild local pomegranates starts long before they are taken into our production plant; by the bees that carry the pollens from tree to tree at the pollination stage. This is one of the distinctive specialties of the Punica Pomagrenate Orchard terroir. From there, we continue this unique natural blending process at our production plant.

All the different phases of agricultural care from defoliation to sprouting, flowering, pollination and the harvest are done with the aimed “flavor quality of Punica” in mind.

We do not use the usual method of stripping in harvesting. Each pomegranate is hand-picked with the help of special scissors without putting our trees under stress. Our premium quality fruits are sent to the production plant to produce Punica.  The remaining lower quality pomegranates which are ordinarily used in making juice and extract are mixed with the soil to fertilize the tress at our Punica Pomegranate Orchard.