Our method that does not let the natural sugar inside the pomegranate caramelize, allows us to offer the purity of pomegranate healthily. Contrary to the classical nar ekşisi -pomegranate extract production methods with which pomegranates are boiled on high heat to make the thick extract, our modern method doesn’t allow sugar in pomegranate turns into carcinogenic substance (HMF). We produce our pomegranate extract at the ideal temperature, so we preserve the fruit in its natural state without losing its nutrients, i.e. minerals and vitamins.


Our only material is pomegranate. Hejaz pomegranate that has a dominant acidulous taste forms the main body of our pomegranate syrup that contains only pomegranate. We combine the basic flavors “sweet” and “sour” in ideal ratio blending Urfa’s regional cultivars “Katırbaşı” and “Devedişi” pomegranates.


We let the pomegranate cross your palate. Our secret here is to start the cooling process once the product reaches the desired brix value. In this way, we are able to keep the pomegranate fruit inside our bottles and preserve the aroma and flavor of all of its layers from the seeds to skin including its unique red color.


You can use the flavors inside our bottles not only in your salads but also with white and red meat, as a marinade, in stuffing recipes as dressing, in soups, sautés, desserts and cocktails. You can even serve as a pomegranate juice by diluting it with water




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