• Boutique production, single orchard, sustainable quality
  • Same producer at all levels of manufacture from garden to table
  • Balanced taste by blend of 3 different types of pomegranate
  • “Tradition” and “Innovation” hand-in-hand
  • Process that does not allow the formation of carcinogen HMF
  • Product approved by the US and European food standards (TS 12720 and FSSC 22000 Certification)


Punica Pure Pomegranate is the embodiment of dreams of a farming family who pursued its agricultural traditions for generations…


  • Punica Pure Pomegranate is actually a vision to produce pomegranate extract, the local gastronomical treasure that has maintained its valued place in all Mesopotamian kitchens throughout history, according to international standards and present it to the world cuisines…  Therefore, to achieve this goal:

    • We own four thousand pomegranate trees, the saplings of which were carefully selected and cultivated by us using good agricultural practices. We produce our pomegranate extract purely from our own pomegranates. Punica contains Pure Pomegranate that comes only from our own garden. Although this limits the quantity of our yearly produce, it guarantees the sustainability of our quality. The pomegranate extract that we bottle and bring to your tables is the very same we produced for our own family through the years.
    • We have three different types of pomegranate trees on our orchard. Every year, we blend the Hejaz brand with “Devedişi” and “Katırbaşı” types of Urfa, in the same ratio, to ensure an ideal balance of sour and sweet. In order to enhance the flavor, local wild pomegranates from our orchard are added to the blend in small quantities like the spices in a dish. Since our extract is cultivated from the fruits of a single orchard that has its unique parameters like location, soil and climate, much like the terroir in wine, Punica has a special origin and authenticity.
    • We use only the premium quality pomegranates to produce Punica. On our orchard, the second quality harvest that is customarily used to make the pomegranate extract is mixed with soil to fertilize our trees.
    • Gastronomical tradition is always our main guide. But we also keep our minds open for modern scientific methods. The pomegranate extract, which customarily is made without boiling, directly under the rays of the famous Urfa sun, is produced by vacuum applications under low heat at our production plant. Thus, the natural sugar in the fruit does not caramelize and the carcinogenic substance HMF is not formed. This allows us to produce our pomegranate extract in accordance with the healthiest and most reliable food standards.
    • ­­Punica lets you taste all the flavors of the fruit from its membrane to arils, seeds to inner peel. We include these parts in our pomegranate extract at certain proportions because they give our extract its antioxidant properties. This provides the Punica user with the full health benefits of the “super food” pomegranate. As for its appeal to the taste buds, Punica has a special tanniferous flavor due to the fact that its every single layer can be savored.



    Evidently our limited boutique production is a small endeavor in carrying the pomegranate extract to the whole world. But still it is our pride and joy to preserve a local national value, to produce it in the best befitting way and present it to the gastronomical cuisines worldwide.